To read

Some books that look interesting that I have yet to finish reading. Anup Shah at Global Issues has a pretty good looking list too.

If you’re in NZ and thinking of buying books, I recommend Goodbooks – They are usually the cheapest, they don’t charge on top of the listed price for shipping, and ALL profits go to Oxfam, one of my favourite NGOs. Their search engine isn’t great though and the books take about 2 weeks to arrive, but otherwise I like getting new books from them. Fishpond can also be pretty good although they’re usually more expensive than GoodBooks. Alternatively you can try finding books second hand on Amazon or your local 2nd hand bookstore, Trademe or try your luck at BookMooch (a free book exchange site, although to get books free you first have to pay to ship books to people). There’s also BetterWorldBooks, who offer second hand and new books, a flat worldwide shipping rate of US$4, donate to literacy causes, and offset their carbon emissions, if you’re into that. Lastly if you don’t want to think about shipping costs no matter where you are, check out the book depository. Or if you just want to flick through, try Google Books.

Currently reading

The Great Transformation: The political and economic origins of our time (Karl Polanyi) 1957, 2001

Globalization and its discontents (Joseph E Stiglitz) 2002

To Read

Griffith Review (27): Food Chain – Australian Quarterly published by Griffith University

Freefall: America, Free markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy (2010) Joseph Stiglitz

The Public Domain: Enclosing the commons of the mind (2008) James Boyle (available to download for free on the site)

Ecological Intelligence (2010) Daniel Goleman

Already Read

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