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I may be a little late to this, but Vodo is a site which allows content creators (video at this stage) to distribute their work for free download and then let users decide whether and how much to donate back after they’ve watched the film. It’s an idea that I’m sure plenty of people have had, but so far I’ve only seen one major company smart enough to really promote themselves on the major P2P sites like Mininova and The Pirate Bay. Currently they’re promoting a film called In Guantanamo, which offers viewers a glimpse of the prison from the inside, but obviously with restrictions. Sounds interesting, but what’s more impressive is the list of films they’ve got already.

Also interesting is that VODO is funded by Channel4 BritDoc Foundation, the Emerald Fund and Arts Council in England, so there is a commercial interest in the mix.

On a related note and in the name of sharing, here’s a wee essay written by me for my COMS305 Media and Social Change paper at the University of Canterbury, titled “Did you copy right?: The influence of copyright protection on media content in the realm of the Internet“. Feel free to debate it etc. I’m thinking of posting any well graded (preferably at least an A) University essays you want to send in that are related to any of the blog posts. Alternatively if you have an essay that is relevant to a particular issue, write up something and attach the essay with it (like I’ve done here).

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