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The Age of Stupid

From the director of McLibel Franny Armstrong is a film about why the world needs to act now to address climate change. It’s part dramatisation, part documentary, and part call to act, based on topics of oil, war, politics and consumerism in their relation to climate change.


New Zealand Screening dates and locations have been confirmed, mostly it’s just the times that are TBC. If you’re in Auckland, there’s also a “green carpet” premiere you can head along to, but tickets are exclusive and available only through Oxfam and Greenpeace. Visit the “not stupid” page and watch the pop up, it’s actually quite informing. There are some interesting resources on that page as well, including guides on how to talk to skeptics, and how to organise an indie screening if you feel so inclined (which I may, and will of course let you know if I do).


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