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The Uniform Project

uniformprojectFeeling like a little fashion fixation? Yes yes, we’ve heard it all before: “fashion with a conscience” – like those “buy one pair of shoes and an underpriveleged child will get another pair!” deals that I always question the point of. However, despite all that gimmicky nonsense, I can’t help liking The Uniform Project. Basically, the idea is getting 7 dresses, all the same, and using vintage, pre-loved items (and anyone can donate items to the cause as well) to create a new look every day. Even nicer is that the entire site is a fundraiser for the Akansha foundation, a non-profit which works to provide education to Indian children in slums.


Yes, thank you, I can indulge in caring about style while I read “Approaches to theorizing international communication” (which is a pretty good summary of the last three years worth of my Mass Communication degree…the summary-ness of it may be why I got a little distracted…ahem).

…On close inspection, maybe I just wish I had those legs 😛

Happy perusing for the week!

UPDATE: They are now finished for the year but it looks like there will be another follow up. The first year raised just under $80,000 and put more than 200 kids in school, yay! Also there’s this great discussion going on “sustainable fashion”.

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