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Heirloom & organic seeds on Etsy

garden24 copy

I only just discovered that Etsy, home to hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world selling handmade items, had a seeds category. There are some interesting heirloom varieties that you’d not otherwise be able to find (I like “myvictorygarden‘s” selection), and many more organic options than your local garden shop would usually have (although Kings Seeds has a pretty good organics selection). Unlike buying other things online, however, the shipping for these babies is usually very affordable.

Start planning what to plant for spring now, and you’ll be far more prepared when the planting season hits!

Note: the above image is not actually from Etsy, but is called “Magenta Spreen Lamb’s Quarters,” and was taken at the community garden at the University of Canterbury. It tasted (and looked) fantastic in a salad with salted duck eggs and fresh cherry tomatoes…I miss Summer 😦

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