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Home made cleaning products

Recipes courtesy of Lyn Webster, who has a website dedicated to a $100 weekly budget for her family. These are so much cheaper than buying from the supermarket, and less harsh on the skin than traditional store bought powders.

Laundry powder

125g pure soap (eg. Sunlight soap. Not ones with added moisturisers or anything)
1kg washing soda

Cut soap into chunks, whizz in a food processor. Add washing soda, whizz until you get a coarse powder. Use approx 1 Tablespoon per wash.

Suitable for front and top loaders, costs about $2.50/kg if you get your ingredients from somehwere like Binn Inn.

Dishwasher powder

1c washing soda
1c baking soda
1/4c salt
1/4c citric acid

Whizz it all up in a food processor.

You can view the video if you want from TVNZ. There’s one for toothpaste but I personally won’t be putting that much baking soda in my mouth any time soon.

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