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bFM’s The Wire online

If you’re not much of a reader and don’t have a radio, check out The Wire for recent NZ news, featuring many an interview and constantly updated discussions about recent policy developments. Usually National Radio (675AM) is my first choice for NZ news, as it’s advertising-free. They do have archives of Mary Wilson’s current affairs show (Checkpoint) also, but I like that The Wire includes a variety of interviewers. I can’t download and listen to these archives on the go, though, and Firefox certainly does a wtf when it tries to listen to a program. So yay for the Wire being far more open to letting its listeners use content freely!

The Wire uses independent volunteers, which admittedly has it’s downsides, but also ensures greater freedom and variety to report and interview those ignored by the mainstream media. Click below to live stream.
Click for 95bFM Live Stream

Click Save (to desktop is fine, which should be easy for you to access), and then open that file up whenever you feel like listening. Sure, it’s not fantastic quality, but it doesn’t lag either. Enjoy!

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