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Eco survival week at UC

A quick message about Eco Survival Week on campus from the 11-15 October. Check out the awesome events and hop along to some if you have time. There are so many amazing events I’d love to get involved in but since two of my papers didn’t get offered formal extensions, I need to get myself into writing mode!

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The Uniform Project

uniformprojectFeeling like a little fashion fixation? Yes yes, we’ve heard it all before: “fashion with a conscience” – like those “buy one pair of shoes and an underpriveleged child will get another pair!” deals that I always question the point of. However, despite all that gimmicky nonsense, I can’t help liking The Uniform Project. Basically, the idea is getting 7 dresses, all the same, and using vintage, pre-loved items (and anyone can donate items to the cause as well) to create a new look every day. Even nicer is that the entire site is a fundraiser for the Akansha foundation, a non-profit which works to provide education to Indian children in slums.


Yes, thank you, I can indulge in caring about style while I read “Approaches to theorizing international communication” (which is a pretty good summary of the last three years worth of my Mass Communication degree…the summary-ness of it may be why I got a little distracted…ahem).

…On close inspection, maybe I just wish I had those legs 😛

Happy perusing for the week!

UPDATE: They are now finished for the year but it looks like there will be another follow up. The first year raised just under $80,000 and put more than 200 kids in school, yay! Also there’s this great discussion going on “sustainable fashion”.

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