Fix is a place to publicise and discuss New Zealand and international issues regarding politics, economics and the sustainability (social, economic and environmental). This is a also a resource site that will share ideas and actions that have a net gain for societies, the environment, and the self. The first “f” in the url refers to “future”. Fix, therefore, is an attempt to fix our future, through knowing and doing things small and large. This blog is about sharing ideas, sharing great finds in New Zealand or internationally that benefit us all, and sharing a desire to support those things we care about the most – creativity, compassion, and a will to do what is right.

What does all this mean though, in reality? How will it work? First and foremost, it involves you – yes, YOU. Whether you contribute ideas, comments, art, inspiration, reviews, knowledge, or even humour, you’re participating. E-mail any one of our editors, or apply to be one if you feel like there’s a gap to fill. The ways in which you can contribute range far and wide, from commentary on international politics to a bargain vintage find on Etsy – but don’t let those examples limit what you share with us! Below are some rough guidelines on what will probably make it, and what probably won’t. If you disagree with our content, then contribute through commenting, and let the debates begin 🙂

Contribution guide

As we post more stuff, you’ll get the idea of what Fix is about. However, just because we haven’t thought of it yet, doesn’t mean we’ll reject your contribution. Just make sure you can answer “yes” to at least one of the following questions:

1. Does it produce a positive effect on the environment, from a holistic perspective? (An example that doesn’t fall under this category: hybrid cars)

2. Does it positively affect underpriveleged societies and their people? (An example that doesn’t fall under this category: cheap clothes which have been manufactured under sweatshop conditions)

3. Does it widen our knowledge about local or international issues that affect the Earth, or the animals and humans that live on Earth? (This incorporates reviews of sources that claim to do so, eg. book/film/article reviews – make sure you include appropriate links to the original source you’re reviewing)

4. Does it provide insight, inspiration, or a humourous/interesting perspective on local or international issues that affect the Earth, or the animals and humans that live on Earth? (This includes artwork created or owned by you, and must be submitted using a Creative Commons license or similar which allows further and free distribution and alteration of your work for non commercial purposes).

5. Does it give readers an opportunity to purchase more ethically that has positive effects on the Earth, or the animals and humans that live on Earth?

6. Does it empower readers to become more independent, or enable them to learn new skills to improve their lives, save time or money, or create less negative impacts on the Earth, or the animals and humans that live on Earth?

Thus your contributions could be original work, a simple link to a site, or a store that you’ve discovered, either online or in your city. Fix is based in New Zealand, and while we welcome international contributions, please ensure New Zealanders will be able to access your contribution. For example, if you find an ethical clothing site, ensure they ship to New Zealand before submitting it to us, or we will most likely not post it.

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