Dustjacket rage

Ok, can someone please explain to me the point of dustjackets for books? I see the problem: dust. I do not see the solution: dustjacket. First of all, books on a shelf get most dusty on the leafy bits. Thus, dustjackets don’t prevent dust buildup on books. Ok, what about a pretty cover, you say? First of all, no sane reader reads with the dustjacket on for long anyway. In fact, I have no freakin idea where any of my dustjackets are. Also, it would make so much more sense for books to just have the cover printed onto the hard cover, and plenty of books have done this (Harry Potter for example)….yet they for some reason also need to provide a dustjacket. Aside from the obvious concern about the unnecessary use of trees for an extra cover that only serves to infuriate, dustjackets actually make hardcover books LESS pretty, because the paper bit gets all ripped or bent when the reader uses their last ounce of sanity to remove the bloody thing.

And that is my rant about dustjackets.

PS. In case you’re wondering why I don’t just buy paperbacks, this rant was inspired by a library book. That and books which aren’t released in paperback. /rant.

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  1. SS

    Omg I too hate dustjackets! They irritate me so much, I immediately throw them out after a book purchase and will try my best to buy books that don’t have them. It is most annoying when the ‘dustjacket’ has the exact same picture and details as the book.

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