Sugru – hack things better

Ever since my first three pairs of shoes wore out in  exactly the same spot, I’ve been looking for and devising plans for various fixes. I’ve tried those no-slip patches, with very little success. Then I stumbled across sugru. It’s a malleable silicone blue-tack like thing that sets to be like silicone (think muffin trays made of silicone) and can stick to most things too. I don’t know if that’d fix my shoes, but the idea is brilliant. The about page gives you some ideas regarding its use. If you want to you can vote for it in the “Do the Green Thing” “Sustainability Next Top Model” (heheheh….).

UPDATE: The sugru team responded to my question, saying sugru is not strong enough to fix the soles of my shoes, but, if you’re like me, then they suggest “shoe goo.” I’ll be playing with a little soon as it turns out my friend has some. Will let you know how it goes 😀

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