Fair trade clothing in NZ

Cue Micah clothing, a Salvation Army initiative that is bringing fair trade clothing to New Zealand. It looks like they’re still starting out, as they aren’t yet available in retail stores, and their prices are really reasonable (especially the sale items, which offer tees from $15). I’m keenish to get this economics t-shirt, but to be honest, I’m really not short on tees at the moment. Also, it seems a little unfair to generalise to all economics textbooks, although I recognise the Adbusters reference to Mankiw’s economic textbook (used by most first year macroeconomics students).

They currently have a design competition going, with $250 worth of clothing as the prize, so if you’re visually inclined or even just want something specific on a t-shirt and think it’ll be popular enough, why not try sending them something? I might send them some stuff without expecting the prize thingee since it seems like a worthy cause and I like playing around on Photoshop. If you have any text suggestions, leave a comment.


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