Biking love

Just discovered a new blog called bicyclette – very pretty so far, it really makes me feel all whimsical about biking again. Also the peterboro basket is actually awesome – for US$46, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Who does that anymore?! The only thing I’d be concerned about is that it’s pretty easy to steal, and considering how gorgeous it is, I’d probably be pretty upset if that happened.

While we’re on the topic of motivating bike blogs, if you’re needing a little extra motivation with the onslaught of freezing cold winter mornings, check out the following blogs all dedicated to making biking seem less daunting, especially style-wise (we’re talking heels and dresses here though). While most of these seem to feature people without helmets (a definite no-no in my opinion), they certainly do inspire!

Maybe it’s just the image conscious consumer in me.

If you’re interested in practical but wearable city biking attire and have a few hundred dollars to blow, then look no further than Outlier! I posted about their pants a few days ago. Still. Want. If you want a nice page that shows all the garments they’re selling, check the shop page.

Also, Frocks on Bikes organise activities that encourage gorgeousness whilst biking – they’re nationwide, so check them out.


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  1. SS

    I’m a big fan of those pants, I didn’t understand when you initially descibed them but oh now I do!
    I biked to town in high heels once, it was pretty empowering.
    We should go for a bike ride once I return from far away lands (it will be mid winter so we’ll have to be decked out in uber fashionable wet weather gears).
    Your post has made me regret not buying the amazing red single speed I came across some time ago. It was so beautiful in its perfect paint work and sweet chrome.

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