The second enclosure movement (Boyle)

Yay for the Internet! I tried to find a better version of one of our readings this week (for POLS403), and at the top of the search results was a FREE (without having to be a Uni student), clear PDF version. Even more impressive is that it’s from the law department of Duke University. In America! The home of IP rights and the MPAA!

Sorry. I get excited about things like that.

If you bother reading (the article really starts to make its point on page 37 if you’re short on time), you’ll get a better picture of why. Boyle’s discussion of the “second enclosure movement” refers to the one happening today – “the enclosure of the intangible commons of the mind” – that is, the evolution of IP, and Internationally binding treaties (such as ACTA). If you’ve ever been the slightest bit interested, Boyle’s article is an excellent introduction to the topic – he outlines the arguments of both sides of the debate with great verve and contemporary relevance.


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