Pants for biking

Ok, I may be breaking my own rules about what goes on this blog, just a little. However, I think I can say with some confidence that any females reading will appreciate this (although, there is a man version which came out first…but I’m getting ahead of myself).

Biking in jeans, rain pants or a skirt can be perilous, so these pants? Just what every bike-riding girl would want, especially if they biked to work in them. Sadly, I do not have US$180 spare (plus upward of $30 shipping), but they’re a beautifully tailored pair of pants that are pretty and practical. That doesn’t exactly sound revolutionary, but trust me, it is. Especially when it comes to bikewear.

Also, how about a round of applause for a biking apparel company that doesn’t even touch on the subject of lycra? Not a hint of fluorescent to be seen. Bravo.



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2 responses to “Pants for biking

  1. Rob

    First stop in NYC, Outlier shop. Can’t wait.

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