Vegetarian Food And Lifestyle Expo, Sept 27th

If you’re a vegetarian in Christchurch or have ever wondered how vegetarians eat without meat, check this out. The Christchurch Vegetarian Centre holds New Zealand’s largest vegetarian event anually, complete with food stalls, cooking demos, free tasters, workshops, films, info & displays, community groups, businesses and artists, cafe, kids stuff, music, and a huge “sausage sizzle.” Entry is only $5 (and considering cafe food prices, this is honestly not much to pay) and kids enter free. This year it’ll be at the Horticultural Centre on Riccarton Ave, sort of in South Hagley Park.

Volunteers get free entry – email me and I can pass you on to the person in charge of volunteers.

stirfriedgreens-1Other links

Twospoons’ guide to stir frying greens
Sustainability and food resource page

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