Yelling, screaming, back benches.

Here’s a fuzzy-wuzzy-democracy-bubble event for you. As a Freeview non-viewer, I had no idea that there was this thing called Back Benches, produced by TVNZ. Basically, some political dude from TVNZ gets a few local MPs to debate, live, in a pub, with random members of the public floating around. Is it going to solve all our problems? Not likely, but it may just get you political hermits off your laptops and listening to a live debate. Yes, I said LIVE DEBATE. Sure, it’s mediated, and it’s all about image, but unlike your usual televised debate, apparently you get to say something (Ctrl+F “Soapbox” on the Back Benches page).

What’s even better is that it’s happening tomorrow tonight. In Christchurch. PEOPLE are coming to Christchurch, people. This week’s debate will be about Boy Racers. Sure, it’s not the most riveting subject unless you’re eighty five, have trouble sleeping, and have the  misfortune to live on Blenheim Road, but it’s something. Am I just easily excited? In any case, I’ll be there. Thanks to the [University of] Canterbury CampusGreens for emailing me about it. Their email address is unicampusgreens[at] if you’re interested in joining their mailing list.

Turn up at 8.30pm, Wednesday 12 August at the Dux De Lux,  (sort of opposite the Christchurch Art Gallery). Starts 9.10pm on Freeview channel 7 Or Sky Channel 97. Featuring Green Co-Leader Metiria Turei, Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove, National MP Nicky Wagner and Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker.


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